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Asset Protection: Safeguarding Your Nonprofit’s Financial Security
  • Thursday, September 19
  • Webinar
Sally A. Morris

Learn strategies essential for the protection of the nonprofit organization’s assets

Tax Reform Bill of 2017 and Its Impact on Tax Exempt Organizations
  • Wednesday, September 18
  • Webinar
Robb Longman

Learn the effects of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on individuals and nonprofits

Building a Grant Calendar that Works: Key Benchmarks for Planning
  • Wednesday, September 11
  • Webinar
Melanie Lambert

Learn how to build a grant calendar that works for you. She’ll share insights to help you organize your entire solicitation year. Using industry standards for grant submissions, Melanie will show you how to build a grant calendar based on your nonprofit’s funding needs and organize each request to reduce the stress of last-minute submissions. You’ll receive tips and tools to help your nonprofit launch a grant management campaign or to organize and add to existing grant partnerships.

Succession Planning: Failure to Prepare Could Mean Unexpected Trouble for Your Nonprofit
  • Wednesday, September 4
  • Webinar
Marilyn Donnellan

This webinar helps you and your board prepare for and respond to unforeseen succession events. Whether or not you think your leadership is on the way out, a comprehensive plan is imperative for your nonprofit’s security.

Securing Your Nonprofit’s Future: How to Build Capacity and Sustainability
  • Thursday, September 5
  • Webinar
Lynn Ivey

Key strategies for assessing your current capacity, defining the big dream you have for the future, avoiding common pitfalls, and ensuring your organization’s future is secure.

Managing Nonprofit Staff: Avoid Pitfalls & Reduce Risk in Real Time
  • Thursday, September 26
  • Webinar
Lynn Ivey

Learn key information on current nonprofit staff management issues and concerns to help you make the right decisions, avoid missteps, and reduce your risk for adverse outcomes.

Reward & Incentive Programs for Nonprofit Staff: Developing a Plan
  • Tuesday, September 17
  • Webinar
Lynn Ivey

Please join Lynn Ivey for a webinar that will explain key components of an effective reward and recognition program, explore a variety of options to include based on your staff’s preferences, and strategies to ensure your employees and volunteers feel they are valued, appreciated and important to the mission.

Advanced Indirect Cost Allocation: Optimizing Your Preparation and Reducing Risks
  • Thursday, September 12
  • Webinar
Rex Porter

Please join Rex Porter, CEO of Porter Group LLC, for this detailed session covering advanced topics in indirect cost allocation, including key aspects of applied indirect cost rate planning, application and reporting in this new era of accountability under 2 CFR 200. Mr. Porter will provide useful insights and recommendations for understanding and applying indirect cost rates and cost allocation requirements beyond the basics.