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Reward & Incentive Programs for Nonprofit Staff: Developing a Plan
Lynn Ivey

Please join Lynn Ivey for a webinar that will explain key components of an effective reward and recognition program, explore a variety of options to include based on your staff’s preferences, and strategies to ensure your employees and volunteers feel they are valued, appreciated and important to the mission.

Price: $299.00


This is a virtual event, accessible online. Access instructions will be provided after registration.
Reward & Incentive Programs

Nonprofit organizations are well known for their challenging jobs, impactful opportunities and amazing staff. While the possibilities are endless, long hours, complex situations and problems, and limited resources are part of our daily routines. And anyone working in our sector knows that, while the work is wonderfully rewarding and often very inspiring, the compensation can be, well, quite disappointing. With all the important work that needs to be done, and despite the limitations of nonprofit budgets, it is critical that managers and supervisors reward their employees and volunteers for all the hard work that they do.

The benefits of an effectively designed and implemented reward and recognition program are well established. When staff feel appreciated for their efforts, productivity increases, turnover is reduced, and staff are more engaged, creative and innovative. These all impact the organization’s ability to provide services, as well as the financials. But knowing where to start, what to include and how to pay for even the simplest rewards can be daunting.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Reasons and ways Recognition and Reward Programs make good sense
  • The most important aspects of any employee recognition program
  • Steps to take to develop a plan that has real meaning to your staff
  • Methods for communicating the plan to staff
  • Key strategies to fund your reward and recognition program
  • A variety of options to consider including many that are budget-friendly
  • Ways to measure your program’s success
  • Tips for appealing to a diverse staff
  • Common recognition mistakes to avoid
  • Examples and case studies
Price: $299.00



Lynn Ivey


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