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Leadership Transitions: Surviving Unexpected and Planned Succession Events

Join Lynn Ivey, nonprofit consultant, as she explores three types of transition planning: leadership succession, emergency succession, and leadership development. Learn strategies to cope with the challenges of leadership changes while sustaining the organization’s viability, and key aspects to include in your planning process.

Price: $299.00
Leadership Transitions: Surviving Unexpected and Planned Succession Events

One of the realities of the nonprofit world and business, in general, is that, at some point, all leaders leave the organization. With the average tenure of a nonprofit leader being just three years—this issue is unavoidable. In some instances, this will be a known change with time for a carefully planned and carried out transition process. All too often though, this happens unexpectedly (or with short notice) due to a personal crisis or performance issue. Because nonprofits are at a very vulnerable point during leadership changes, organizations that ignore succession planning place their organizations at great risk.

The process of planning for smooth transitions, whether planned or “emergency,” temporary or permanent, is a huge responsibility shared by board members and organizational leaders. While succession planning ideally begins as soon as a new leader steps into his or her role, barely one third of nonprofit organizations report that they have a written succession plan. This problem is expected to intensify as the number of leadership turnovers accelerates with the increasing rate of baby boomers retiring.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Discuss the change process and steps to manage change within your organization
  • Discuss how to prepare your formal succession plan
  • Discuss how to plan for and cope with leadership succession, and emergency succession
  • Understand your organization’s readiness for change
  • Review key questions to ask to spark the planning process
  • Consider best practices for succession planning
  • Understand how to develop your talent pool and increase your readiness
  • Identify key aspects for building a successful board to support the change process
  • Find ways to achieve a smooth transition
  • Identify how using an interim director can benefit your transition process
  • Understand how to increase the effectiveness of the selection process
  • Consider steps to take for onboarding new leaders
  • Review practical tips and case studies
Price: $299.00



Lynn Ivey


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