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Eliminating Diversity Deficits: Improving Representation, Inclusion and Equity at Every Step
Lynn Ivey

Please join Lynn Ivey for a session that addresses diversity deficits and how to combat them, not just in the causes you address but also among the very individuals who do the work every day – your staff and volunteers. She will first help you identify where to begin; then she will help you determine how to carry out the changes that are needed; and finally, she will help you take the leap and implement change – with intention, sensitivity, and commitment.

Price: $299.00
Eliminating Diversity Deficits: Improving Representation, Inclusion and Equity at Every Step

Nonprofits, by their nature and design, serve diverse groups and needs. But, while we often talk about inclusion, diversity, and equity as being highly valued, putting these values into practice can be very difficult for many nonprofits. And while our organizations understand the need to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, our results usually fall far short. Whether it is the leadership at the top, board members, staff or clients, we still have significant gaps between where we are today and where we intended to be. A number of recent surveys and studies have brought to light scientific proof that these gaps are systemic.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Understanding where we stand today as a sector
  • Assessing our organization’s current diversity strengths and challenges
  • Steps to take to cultivate a diverse talent pipeline
  • Strategies for fostering a culture of inclusion
  • Understanding implicit and unconscious biases
  • The many dimensions of diversity
  • Improving outreach strategies to diverse groups
Price: $299.00



Lynn Ivey


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