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Nonprofits Engaging in International Activity: Learn the Rules and Avoid the Risks
Ryan Oberly

Please join Ryan Oberly for answers to these questions and many more. Foreign activity - and support for foreign charities - is an important piece of the 501(c)(3) world. Attend this webinar and learn how to do it right - and keep your nonprofit out of the IRS and Treasury Department crosshairs.

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This is a virtual event, accessible online. Access instructions will be provided after registration.
International Activity

U.S. nonprofits regularly serve charitable and educational needs around the world. Many do it right, and many do not. Charitable activity does not lose its charitable character if it’s performed outside the United States – except in some countries. Do you know where? Can your nonprofit solicit donations for overseas activity? How do “friends of” organizations raise funds for foreign organizations? What countries do not welcome US NGOs? How can your nonprofit own property in foreign countries? Can you set up foreign subsidiaries?


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Sending your people overseas
    • Liability issues
    • Covering costs
  • Doing the work
    • Who can conduct the work of a U.S. organization overseas?
    • Direct work vs. working through controlled subsidiaries or local entities
    • Local registration
    • When you’re not welcome: Countries hostile to U.S./foreign NGOs
  • Asset ownership
    • How can – and should – a U.S. nonprofit own overseas?
    • How to protect investments overseas
  • Foreign chapters and subsidiaries
    • Conflicts between local laws and U.S. laws
    • Control of foreign subsidiaries and affiliates
    • Licensing overseas
  • Criminal law concerns
    • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
    • USA PATRIOT Act and other anti-terrorism measures
  • Grants to foreign organizations
    • By public charities
    • By private foundations
  • Donations
    • Earmarked donations for foreign organizations or projects
    • "Friends of" organizations
    • Special treatment for donations to Canadian, Mexican and Israeli charities
Price: $299.00



Ryan Oberly


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