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Cost Sharing and Program Income Best Practices: Planning, Estimating and Delivering the 'Goods'
Rex Porter

A detailed review of key federal cost sharing and program income standards found in 2 CFR 200. He will provide you an understandable and repeatable approach to applying those federal rules as your nonprofit plans, estimates and reports on cost sharing or matching, and program income activities. He will address the four basic ways we meet our matching requirements and identify which is most risky and why. Rex will also tackle the two key post-award cost sharing and program income tasks: financial and program data collection and accurate reporting to your federal funders.

Price: $299.00


This is a virtual event, accessible online. Access instructions will be provided after registration.
Cost Sharing and Program Income Best Practices: Planning, Estimating and Delivering the 'Goods'

Many federally funded programs require cost sharing or matching contributions from your nonprofit. Your most important current or future federal grant source may hinge on your nonprofit’s ability to ‘meet the match’ or properly report on federally generated program income. If either of these two common, complex and often interrelated subjects are essential to your program success, then this webinar is essential for you and your nonprofit.

Don’t let the complexity and many rules surrounding cost sharing and program income keep your nonprofit from maximizing its federal grant funding. Learn how best to plan for and implement these rules to satisfy the strictest federal grants official or auditor.


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Where to find, understand and use federal cost sharing and cost matching standards
  • Key program income related rules and how they apply to your nonprofit
  • How to meet cost sharing and matching requirements and which ones are most risky
  • How program income is estimated and how to communicate with your funder
  • What are key pre-award responsibilities and which nonprofit staff should take the lead
  • Which are the most important post-award tasks and who accomplishes them
  • What will your grant funder look for in your documentation and reporting
  • What are the top five cost sharing, matching and program income audit findings
Price: $299.00



Rex Porter


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