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Allowable Grant Costs: Best Practices for Avoiding Cost Disallowances
Rex Porter

Spending money on a grant-funded project happens all the time as we help our beneficiaries and we seek to achieve our nonprofit’s mission. However, federal grant funds come with many strings attached, like program rules, laws and even our own nonprofit’s policies. But, even if we’re following all of those practices correctly – we still have to be perfectly compliant with a pesky set of grant rules that the U.S. government calls the ‘Cost Principles.’ These rules apply not only to our CFO and financial officers, but to our project managers, as well as our project partners when they are spending some of the federal grant funds we receive! So, this raises THE key question: Are we spending federal grant funds correctly – 100% of the time? Are we consistently following the federal grant cost principles as we build budgets, spend funds, make purchasing decisions and prepare for our next audit?

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This is a virtual event, accessible online. Access instructions will be provided after registration.
Money Bank Organizing

Please join Rex L. Porter as he takes a detailed look at the structure of our common cost principles found in 2 CFR 200 and also guides us through best practices in planning, decision-making and documentation of our grant funded costs. Regardless of whether your nonprofit has a CFO or controller – knowing the rules and how best to use them – is an essential core part of modern federal grant management for all of us during the age of accountability!


Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Where to find, access and understand our contemporary cost principles
  • What 10 key standards move a cost from being ‘iffy’ to being fully ‘allowable’
  • How to use the essential steps of the ‘Locate – Interpret - Apply’ decision-making cycle
  • Who is responsible at your nonprofit for ensuring all costs are allowable charges
  • What are key elements of adequate documentation you and your auditor will look for
Price: $299.00



Rex Porter


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