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Donor Advised Funds: Understanding the Pros and Cons Protects You and Your Donors
  • Thursday, July 18
  • Webinar
Sally Morris

Please join Sally Morris, attorney at law, for a comprehensive review of DAFs, including the pros and cons of adopting them at your nonprofit, what to look out for, and how to avoid the potential pitfalls.

Real Estate for Nonprofits: Rules, Tax Implications and Potential Liability
  • Tuesday, July 23
  • Webinar
Sally Wagenmaker

Please join attorney Sally Wagenmaker of Wagenmaker & Oberly, located in Chicago and Charleston, SC, as she covers the landscape of owning and renting real estate, state and federal taxes that may affect nonprofits’ property (and their bottom line!), and how to best protect real estate, particularly for a nonprofit with major program activities serving children and the public.

Corporate Partnerships: How to Identify, Secure and Nurture Them
  • Thursday, July 25
  • Webinar
Chris Martinez

Please join Chris Martinez as he defines and simplifies how nonprofits should be approaching corporate relationships. Not only will you learn how to articulate what your organization can bring to a corporate partner, but you will also understand how to define needs and expectations of the partnership itself. From this webinar you will know how to construct a corporate development plan, build a case for partnership, propose a pilot, measure what matters, and provide proof of performance.

Handling Difficult Employees, Volunteers and Board Members: Five-Step Approach
  • Tuesday, July 30
  • Webinar
Lynn Ivey

Please join Lynn Ivey for a webinar that will introduce a five-step method for dealing with challenging people and transforming relationships so that everyone is more productive and focused on what really matters. Learn strategies for addressing your most common personnel issues and stopping destructive behaviors. Understand where to start and how to create your roadmap to a better work experience for everyone.

Bulletproof Your Contracts: Understand the Key and Most Disputed Terms, the Difference Between an MOU and a Contract, and Much More!
  • Thursday, August 1
  • Webinar
Sandra K. Pfau Englund

Learn 23 key terms found in most contracts and  how to prepare and use a contract standard term template for hotel and other vendor agreements 

Running an Under-Staffed Nonprofit: Guidance for Executive Directors Who Wear (Almost) Every Hat
  • Tuesday, August 6
  • Webinar
Lynn Ivey

Please join Lynn Ivey as she offers under-resourced executive directors guidance on what key functions to prioritize, how to make the most of limited resources, and ultimately how to propel your nonprofit forward despite its smaller staff.

Executive Director Certification Program
  • Wednesday, August 7
  • Webinar
Marilyn Donnellan

The Nonprofit Executive Director Certification Program: Essential Training for an Essential Position is a comprehensive series that allows both new and more seasoned executive directors the opportunity to increase practical knowledge, enhance core competencies and gain invaluable skills for nonprofit leadership. The program combines a broad overview of executive director responsibilities and duties with a detailed, in-depth explanation of the strategies, policies and procedures required to implement and oversee nonprofit programming, ensure sustainability, manage risk, and increase donor support.

Nonprofit Records: Understand What to Keep & When to Toss It
  • Wednesday, August 7
  • Webinar
Myron Steeves

Learn the dos and don’ts of recordkeeping for nonprofits, including the importance of getting rid of what you don’t need.

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