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Tax Reform Bill of 2017 and Its Impact on Tax Exempt Organizations
  • Wednesday, September 18
  • Webinar
Robb Longman

Learn the effects of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on individuals and nonprofits

Asset Protection: Safeguarding Your Nonprofit’s Financial Security
  • Thursday, September 19
  • Webinar
Sally A. Morris

Learn strategies essential for the protection of the nonprofit organization’s assets

Event Planning Legal Considerations: Understanding & Reducing the Risks for Nonprofits
  • Tuesday, October 1
  • Webinar
Casey Summar

Learn how to reduce the legal risks that unavoidably go along with organizing and holding a nonprofit event.

Federally Funded Grant Project Monitoring: Best Practices and Keys to Success
  • Thursday, October 10
  • Webinar
Rex L. Porter

Please join Rex Porter as he provides valuable and practical federal grant-funded project monitoring best practices. Rex will focus on skill development when operating in the world of federally funded grant project monitoring under 2 CFR 200. He will also provide the needed project monitoring core skills to be compliant and successful in your nonprofit niche.

Nonprofit Restrictions on Investing: Know the Rules and Stay in Compliance
  • Wednesday, October 16
  • Webinar
Nouvelle L. Gonzalo

Sustaining the long-term wealth of your nonprofit organization is crucial. As such, many nonprofits wisely look to long-term investment strategies to increase their revenues.

Raffles, Co-Ventures, Crowdfunding & Beyond: Legal Issues with Common Fundraising Methods
  • Wednesday, October 23
  • Webinar
Elizabeth Reinhardt; Christopher Leigh-Manuell

The session will start with the fundamental legal underpinning of charitable fundraising -- the donation being kept in trust -- to help nonprofits understand the ramifications of their fundraising. It will then give an overview of the regulations on registration with state Attorneys General, raffles, co-ventures, fundraising professionals, and crowdfunding to help nonprofit board and management make informed decisions when strategizing development.

How to Transform Board Members into Better Ambassadors & Resource Raisers
  • Thursday, October 24
  • Webinar
Lynn Ivey

Learn effective ways to manage this transformation process starting with recruiting new board members and equipping the board for success. Find a range of options to adapt to your nonprofit’s needs that will deliver results that will strengthen your program.

Social Impact Investing: Opportunities and Risks for Nonprofits
  • Wednesday, October 30
  • Webinar
Janet Rickerhauser

Please join Attorney Janet Rickerhauser as she offers a practical, nuts-and-bolts guide to the main forms of impact investing available to nonprofits today, providing attendees with a concrete framework for evaluating and pursuing impact investing opportunities. For each approach, the webinar highlights the main components of the opportunity, such as the potential advantages to the nonprofit, the type of legal structure involved, and the agreement or other legal documentation required, as well as the legal risks involved.

Prospect Research for Smaller Nonprofits: How to Get More with Less
  • Thursday, October 31
  • Webinar
Maryrose Larkin

Learn about the tools and strategies for discovering important information about foundation, corporation, and individual donors, gain insight and strategies for organizing and storing this information, and discuss the uses of prospect research in campaigns, major giving, and annual fund giving.

Strategic Plans: Developing & Implementing the Course for Organizational Success
  • On-demand
Lynn Ivey

Explore ways to design, develop, and implement a strategic planning process that prepares your organization for both the present and the future. Learn key strategies for ensuring your nonprofit engages in ongoing and intentional planning, incorporates the right information into the plan, and identifies clearly defined goals, objectives and outcomes. Effective organizational planning defines your direction, articulates your vision, and provides you with a road map to a successful future.

Tax Exempt Status: How to Avoid 501(c)(3) Status Revocation
  • On-demand
John Bradley

A discussion of various causes for 501(c)(3) revocation by the IRS and guidance for avoiding these pitfalls.

Taking Action: Developing a Comprehensive Work Plan Built Around Your Strategic Plan
  • On-demand
Dustin Johnson

Learn how to build your strategic plan, a clear path, and templates to help you build the plan and timelines.

The New Not-for-Profit Entities Reporting: Areas Affected by the New Standard & Changes Which Can Be Adopted Early
  • On-demand
Diane E. Edelstein

Learn the new requirements for the Presentation of Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Entities.

The Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards: An Important Part of Preparing for Your Single Audit
  • On-demand
Diane E. Edelstein

Guidance on how to complete your SEFA in order to smooth your Single Audit and to make sure you are in compliance with all of the Uniform Guidance requirements.

Working Your Strategic Plan: How to Implement and Monitor Your Completed Plan
  • On-demand
Jeanne Allen

Learn how to implement and monitor the progress of your strategic plan

Integrating Financial Management and Fundraising: Creating a Single-Minded Function to Ensure Sustainability
  • On-demand
David Sayers and John Curtis

Please join David Sayers and John Curtis as they outline the benefits of an integrated financial team, and address such challenges and opportunities as developing a capital reserve fund for program expansion or deferred maintenance; explaining the CFO’s role in raising major gifts and the CDO’s role in financial management; and demystifying how to increase giving from key stakeholders. This will be a short-shot, high-impact, fast-paced and intensive session appropriate for anyone responsible for attracting of and the stewardship over the institution’s financial resources.

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