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Strategic Plans: Developing & Implementing the Course for Organizational Success
  • On-demand
Lynn Ivey

Explore ways to design, develop, and implement a strategic planning process that prepares your organization for both the present and the future. Learn key strategies for ensuring your nonprofit engages in ongoing and intentional planning, incorporates the right information into the plan, and identifies clearly defined goals, objectives and outcomes. Effective organizational planning defines your direction, articulates your vision, and provides you with a road map to a successful future.

Taking Action: Developing a Comprehensive Work Plan Built Around Your Strategic Plan
  • On-demand
Dustin Johnson

Learn how to build your strategic plan, a clear path, and templates to help you build the plan and timelines.

The New Not-for-Profit Entities Reporting: Areas Affected by the New Standard & Changes Which Can Be Adopted Early
  • On-demand
Diane E. Edelstein

Learn the new requirements for the Presentation of Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Entities.

The Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards: An Important Part of Preparing for Your Single Audit
  • On-demand
Diane E. Edelstein

Guidance on how to complete your SEFA in order to smooth your Single Audit and to make sure you are in compliance with all of the Uniform Guidance requirements.

Working Your Strategic Plan: How to Implement and Monitor Your Completed Plan
  • On-demand
Jeanne Allen

Learn how to implement and monitor the progress of your strategic plan

Integrating Financial Management and Fundraising: Creating a Single-Minded Function to Ensure Sustainability
  • On-demand
David Sayers and John Curtis

Please join David Sayers and John Curtis as they outline the benefits of an integrated financial team, and address such challenges and opportunities as developing a capital reserve fund for program expansion or deferred maintenance; explaining the CFO’s role in raising major gifts and the CDO’s role in financial management; and demystifying how to increase giving from key stakeholders. This will be a short-shot, high-impact, fast-paced and intensive session appropriate for anyone responsible for attracting of and the stewardship over the institution’s financial resources.

Nonprofit Fundraising: Understanding the Rules That Govern Charitable Solicitations
  • On-demand

Please John Bradley, attorney at law, as he offers analysis and practical guidance relating to the fundraising solicitation and registration requirements that govern nonprofit fundraising activities. Getting it correct will help to make your 2015 fundraising season both successful and trouble free.

Nonprofits and Earned Income 101: Practical and Legal Considerations
  • On-demand

Please join Erin Bradrick, senior counsel at NEO Law Group, for a comprehensive review of what your nonprofit should be considering when embarking on an earned income endeavor.

Pursuing Sustainability: Understanding and Strengthening Your Business Model
  • On-demand

Please join Steve Strang, consultant with Spectrum Nonprofit Services, for interactive training that introduces participants to the Matrix Map, an engaging, visual tool that turns an organization’s business model into a single, compelling image that represents the mission impact and financial viability of the organization. 

Rules for Accepting Gifts: Protect Your Nonprofit by Developing a Solid Gift Acceptance Policy That’s Aligned with IRS Requirements
  • On-demand

Please join John Bradley, attorney at law, as he offers guidance for understanding the potential risk and liabilities arising out of the receipt of gifts and donations by your nonprofit. He will discuss how developing policies and procedures for gifts before they arrive can reduce or eliminate these risks.

Simplifying Nonprofit Financials: Overview for Non-Finance Officers
  • On-demand

Please join Chris Martinez as he defines and simplifies nonprofit finance, financial reports and statements. Learn basic terms, tools, and applications for monitoring and improving your organization’s overall performance in order to help impact your mission and objectives.

Simplifying Nonprofit Financials: Recording Transactions, Financial Statements, Fiduciary Responsibilities and More
  • On-demand

Please join Chris Martinez as he defines and simplifies financial statements, recording transactions, fiduciary responsibilities and more. Whether you have little financial experience or are looking for a refresher, this session will demonstrate the ins and outs of the many facets of recording and accounting for transactions within the nonprofit sector.

Simplifying Nonprofit Financials: Understanding and Assigning Different Management Roles
  • On-demand

Please join Chris Martinez as we define and simplify nonprofit finance roles and dive into the responsibilities and purpose of each as well as tactics to coach these important positions. Learn basic terms, tools and applications for monitoring and improving your organization’s overall performance by understanding the different positions and the types of people you want to lead those responsibilities so everyone’s job is easier and more rewarding.

Simplifying Nonprofit Financials: Strengthening Your Organization with More Advanced Finance Tools
  • On-demand

Please join Chris Martinez, as he helps you strengthen your organization through financial strategies and creative tools that make you and your cause more successful and your role more rewarding.

Single Audit Overview: Adhering to Required Cost Principles, Administrative Requirements, and Audit Requirements Under the Revised Uniform Guidance
  • On-demand

Please join Diane Edelstein, CPA, as she discusses the 6 parts of the Uniform Guidance and the cost principles and administrative requirements which must be followed by federal program auditees and their auditors who will be testing for compliance with major program requirements.

Single Audit: Understanding the Uniform Guidance and Federal Grant Compliance Requirements
  • On-demand

Please join Carol Barnard, CPA, CFE, MBA, senior manager, Aronson LLC as she assists federal grant recipients to understand what is required for compliance under the new Uniform Guidance, how to best approach internal control design in a federal grant environment, and how to prepare for being audited.

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