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Federal Grant Compliance for Executive Directors
  • Tuesday, January 21
  • Webinar
Rex Porter

Please join Rex Porter, CEO of Porter Group LLC, for this detailed session covering key aspects of understanding and applying federal grant compliance practices under 2 CFR 200. Mr. Porter will provide hands-on, useful insights and recommendations for nonprofit executive directors and other leaders in understanding and applying this critically important topic. These detailed compliance topics are found in few other webinars or without attending days of training.

How to Make Your Nonprofit More Efficient
  • Wednesday, January 22
  • Webinar
Chris Martinez

In this time of shrinking resources, impact investing, “informed” donors and talk of recession, we all need strategies to further our mission with a lean, focused approach to our work. There are systems and success stories that can be relied upon. Please join Chris Martinez as he addresses how to manage expectations, identify where to be more efficient, honor mission and goals and build both a system and consensus around the endeavor.

UBI Pitfalls: Don’t Lose Your Tax Exemption
  • Thursday, January 23
  • Webinar
Zachary Kester

As a nonprofit leader, learn how to avoid UBI pitfalls and risk losing your organization’s crucial tax exemption.

How to Raise Money When Giving Is Down
  • Thursday, January 30
  • Webinar
Linda Lysakowski

Please join Linda Lysakowski as she helps you identify fundraising avenues you may not have explored previously. One of these is sponsorships and partnerships with your local business community. Another might be generating income from fees for services. And, you might be leaving money on the table from your existing donors.

Crowdfunding For Your Cause
  • Thursday, February 6
  • Webinar
Darian Rodriguez Heyman

In this exciting webinar, best selling author and accomplished fundraiser Darian Rodriguez Heyman will share a step-by-step breakdown of how to cut through the clutter and ensure a great response to your next crowdfunding campaign.

How To Combat Donor Fatigue
  • Wednesday, February 12
  • Webinar
Chris Martinez

Please join nonprofit fundraising expert Chris Martinez as he addresses how to manage communications, identify where to be more direct, where to back off, and how to recognize and deal with real donor fatigue in a way that not only keeps a supporter from becoming frustrated, but brings them closer to the cause.

IRS Audits: What Every Nonprofit Needs To Know
  • Thursday, February 20
  • Webinar
Robb Longman

In this webinar, leading nonprofit tax attorney Robb Longman will explain how to prepare for the audit process. He will discuss what to expect at the audit and how to handle the audit meeting with the IRS.

Lobbying And Political Activity By Nonprofits: How To Further Your Mission Without Risking Your Tax-Exempt Status
  • Tuesday, February 25
  • Webinar
Zachary S. Kester

In this timely and practical webinar, leading nonprofit tax attorney Zachary S. Kester will give you the tools, and best practices so you can confidently advocate for your organization’s mission without jeopardizing your tax-exempt status.

Creating the Financially Sustainable Nonprofit
  • Thursday, February 27
  • Webinar
Lynn Ivey

In this timely webinar, leading nonprofit consultant Lynn Ivey will provide realistic strategies on assessing your organization’s readiness, developing and implementing a plan, and ensuring your nonprofit achieves long-term sustainability.

Strategic Plans: Developing & Implementing the Course for Organizational Success
  • On-demand
Lynn Ivey

Explore ways to design, develop, and implement a strategic planning process that prepares your organization for both the present and the future. Learn key strategies for ensuring your nonprofit engages in ongoing and intentional planning, incorporates the right information into the plan, and identifies clearly defined goals, objectives and outcomes. Effective organizational planning defines your direction, articulates your vision, and provides you with a road map to a successful future.

Taking Action: Developing a Comprehensive Work Plan Built Around Your Strategic Plan
  • On-demand
Dustin Johnson

Learn how to build your strategic plan, a clear path, and templates to help you build the plan and timelines.

The New Not-for-Profit Entities Reporting: Areas Affected by the New Standard & Changes Which Can Be Adopted Early
  • On-demand
Diane E. Edelstein

Learn the new requirements for the Presentation of Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Entities.

The Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards: An Important Part of Preparing for Your Single Audit
  • On-demand
Diane E. Edelstein

Guidance on how to complete your SEFA in order to smooth your Single Audit and to make sure you are in compliance with all of the Uniform Guidance requirements.

Working Your Strategic Plan: How to Implement and Monitor Your Completed Plan
  • On-demand
Jeanne Allen

Learn how to implement and monitor the progress of your strategic plan

Preparing for Your Strategic Plan: Steps to Take and Questions to Ask Before You Plan
  • On-demand
Jeanne Allen

Please join Jeanne Allen for a webinar that focuses on how to get the most out of strategic planning for your nonprofit, such as how to increase the buy-in of the board, the staff and other stakeholders. Begin now to build the strategy that could transform your organization and make a real difference towards your mission.

Budgeting and Financial Planning for Nonprofits
  • On-demand
Sandra Pfau England

Please join Sandra Pfau England, attorney at law, for a webinar that will equip you with the necessary tools to ensure better financial health and security for your nonprofit. By implementing sound financial planning methods, you and your staff will have the freedom to focus on your mission and the other important work you do.

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