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Hot Topics for Today’s Nonprofit Leaders: Avoid the Pitfalls and Stay Compliant
  • On-demand
Sally Wagenmaker

A smorgasbord of legal tips covering cybersecurity and data privacy, fundraising legal compliance, sales tax changes, creative collaboration and other transitional changes, political involvement, and related nonprofit governance aspects including how to address conflicts of interest.

Strategic Plans: Developing & Implementing the Course for Organizational Success
  • On-demand
Lynn Ivey

Explore ways to design, develop, and implement a strategic planning process that prepares your organization for both the present and the future. Learn key strategies for ensuring your nonprofit engages in ongoing and intentional planning, incorporates the right information into the plan, and identifies clearly defined goals, objectives and outcomes. Effective organizational planning defines your direction, articulates your vision, and provides you with a road map to a successful future.

Taking Action: Developing a Comprehensive Work Plan Built Around Your Strategic Plan
  • On-demand
Dustin Johnson

Learn how to build your strategic plan, a clear path, and templates to help you build the plan and timelines.

Utilizing Talent Management Strategies to Build Your Nonprofit’s Capacity and Sustainability
  • On-demand
Lynn Ivey

Strategies for attracting and keeping new talent, designing positions that engage, developing leaders for the future, and aligning talent to priorities.

Volunteer Management: Guidance for Successfully Meeting the Challenge & Helping Your Nonprofit Reach Its Goals
  • On-demand
Lynn Ivey

Explore common challenges that nonprofits face when managing volunteer resources.

Working with Other Organizations: Your Checklist for Successful Relationships
  • On-demand
Lynn Ivey

Explore ways to build a strong framework for new and existing relationships between your nonprofit and other organizations

Working Your Strategic Plan: How to Implement and Monitor Your Completed Plan
  • On-demand
Jeanne Allen

Learn how to implement and monitor the progress of your strategic plan

Insurance Policies for Nonprofits: Understanding Different Coverages and Determining Your Needs
  • On-demand

Please join John Bradley as he walks you through a typical insurance policy, explaining key terms to focus on, what it all means, and how the right choice can potentially save your nonprofit from unnecessary exposure.

Interdepartmental Communication & Collaboration: Strategies for Knocking Down Organizational Barriers
  • On-demand

Please join Dr. Jim Castagnera for a blueprint for knocking down or leaping such barriers through a seven-point plan:

  • Offer context
  • Exercise empathy
  • Embrace confusion
  • Manage emotions
  • Develop a common lexicon
  • Intermingle, and
  • Craft correct responses
Leadership Transitions: Surviving Unexpected and Planned Succession Events
  • On-demand

Join Lynn Ivey, nonprofit consultant, as she explores three types of transition planning: leadership succession, emergency succession, and leadership development. Learn strategies to cope with the challenges of leadership changes while sustaining the organization’s viability, and key aspects to include in your planning process.

Morale Compass: How a Happier Staff Can Save Money and Improve Outcomes
  • On-demand
Jessica Paschke and Brenna McGinnis

Please join Jessica Paschke and Brenna McGinnis for a session that explores the hard and soft costs of low morale and high turnover while focusing on zero to low-cost practices to increase employee productivity, engagement, and interdepartmental cohesion.

Negotiating Hotel Contracts: Avoiding Common Traps and Getting the Best Deal for Your Organization
  • On-demand

Please join John Bradley, prominent nonprofit attorney, as he discusses key points that you need to focus on when negotiating your hotel and convention center contracts in order to make sure you get the best deal for your organization.

New Rules for Nonprofits Engaging in Political Activity: The Johnson Amendment, Trump’s Executive Order and What to Expect Moving Forward
  • On-demand

Please join John Bradley as he puts these recent into events into perspective. He will examine the Johnson Amendment and the existing restrictions on political activity by nonprofits, focusing on what is presently permissible and what activity will put your tax-exempt status in jeopardy. This webinar will also look at what changes in the existing law(s) might mean for you and your nonprofit moving forward.

Nonprofit Board Governance: Essential Strategies for Driving Exceptional Organizational Performance
  • On-demand

Please join Lynn Ivey, nonprofit consultant, to learn concepts and strategies for leveraging your board’s skills and expertise to lead your organization to achieve better impacts and outcomes. Exceptional boards that inspire their organizations to excellence don’t just happen. They are skillfully cultivated, nurtured and empowered. Highly effective board members who challenge their nonprofits to achieve better results will ensure positive changes in their communities in ways that are both powerful and lasting.

Nonprofit Bylaws: What They Should Include & How to Use This Important Management Tool
  • On-demand
John Bradley

Please join John Bradley, attorney at law, as he shares his years of legal and nonprofit experience offering guidance on how to draft and maintain bylaws that reflect the goals and mission of your nonprofit and prevent problems during the life of your organization.

Nonprofit Compensation Planning: Essential for Attracting & Retaining Key Employees
  • On-demand

Please join Sidney Abrams, SPHR, managing director of consulting services at NonprofitHR Solutions and Heather de la Riva, consultant, NonprofitHR Solutions, as they review the critical elements that need to be included in your compensation plan and assists you with the necessary timeframes for developing a reality-based compensation plan.

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