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Reporting to the Board: Best Practices for Communicating Data and Increasing Support
  • On-demand
Lynn Ivey

Learn how to best communicate with your board, how to determine what information needs to be shared, the impact of better communication on your bottom line, and strategies for reporting your data in a language everyone understands.

Successful Executive Director-Board Relationship: How to Reduce Legal Risks & Fulfill Fiduciary Responsibilities and Achieve Your Mission
  • On-demand
John Bradley and Lynn Ivey

Learn fundamentals of successful executive director-board relationships which contribute to achieving the nonprofit’s mission while reducing the risk for friction and possible legal exposure.

The Nonprofit Board of Directors Training Series
  • On-demand
Sandra K. Pfau Englund - Lynn Ivey - Linda Lysakowski

A five session series covering the major duties of board membership: Roles and Responsibilities, Financial Fundamentals for Board Members, Fundraising, Fiduciary Responsibilities of Board Members, Ensuring Sustainability Through Strategic Planning and Evaluations

How to Strategically Build a Board Comprised of Better, More Effective Fundraisers
  • On-demand

Please join Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE, for a session that will help you identify, cultivate, recruit and retain board members that are committed to the mission of the organization, understand their role as, and are best suited to help the organization meet its goals, especially in the area of fundraising.

Nonprofit Board Governance: Essential Strategies for Driving Exceptional Organizational Performance
  • On-demand

Please join Lynn Ivey, nonprofit consultant, to learn concepts and strategies for leveraging your board’s skills and expertise to lead your organization to achieve better impacts and outcomes. Exceptional boards that inspire their organizations to excellence don’t just happen. They are skillfully cultivated, nurtured and empowered. Highly effective board members who challenge their nonprofits to achieve better results will ensure positive changes in their communities in ways that are both powerful and lasting.

Nonprofit Board Orientation & Training: Equipping Board Members for Success
  • On-demand

Please join Lynn Ivey, nonprofit consultant, as she explores ways to help your board members understand, appreciate and embrace their roles and responsibilities. Learn strategies to ensure your board members are better able to contribute effectively and faster to the leadership process through a quality onboarding process.

Nonprofit Boards, Social Media, and Online Engagement: Strategies for Success
  • On-demand

Please join Jeanne Allen for a webinar that will identify how you can get your board actively involved in using social media and other online and collaboration tools. Not only will we explore examples of how to use these tools in conducting board business, recruiting new members, offering orientation, communicating within the board, and assessing board effectiveness, but key board responsibilities will be specifically matched to various social sharing and collaboration tools. Finally, we’ll identify some easy starting points and share real examples from nonprofits so you’ll get a chance to see how other organizations are experimenting. This presentation is geared for those who work directly with boards as well as board members themselves.

Nonprofit Directors and Board Members: Guide to Understanding Legal Responsibilities and Possible Liabilities
  • On-demand

Please join John Bradley, attorney at law, as he offers guidance for recognizing and dealing with the many legal issues that a nonprofit, its directors and board members will face over the life of an organization, from its formation through its dissolution. Mr. Bradley will offer guidance for understanding the legal requirements directors and board members must be aware of so that they will be better prepared to deal with these issues before they become problems and legal distractions.

Recruiting & Managing Effective Board Members: Key to Achieving Your Mission
  • On-demand

Join Lynn Ivey, nonprofit consultant, as she explores key strategies and steps to take to ensure your board recruitment activities focus on what you need today – and in the future.

Ensuring Strong & Effective Leadership: Best Practices for Selecting, Evaluating & Supporting Chief Executives
  • On-demand

Please join Lynn Ivey, nonprofit consultant, as she outlines best practices for selecting, evaluating, and supporting chief executives, as well as planning for succession events. Learn how to build better partnerships between the board and chief executive, ensure accountability, and address concerns. Armed with these practical tips and methods your organization will be better prepared to carry out its responsibilities and build for a stronger future.

Board Building: How to Vet Qualified Board Members That Will Actually Further Your Mission
  • On-demand
Andie McConnell

Please join Andie McConnell as she helps you understand how to move from simply filling board seats to taking the steps necessary to build a thoughtful, qualified board. She will focus on vetting and orienting board members through a solid application and orientation process and will put together a basic plan for building a strong governance committee.

Board Governance: Avoiding Liability Landmines and Managing Critical Issues
  • On-demand
Jennifer L. Urban

Please join Atty. Jennifer L. Urban as she takes a tactical look at the nonprofit organization and helps you understand critical functions and duties of the board of directors, explains how to avoid common landmines that could create personal liability for your organization’s leadership, and clarifies common governance and operational issues that could create problems. Gain the practical knowledge you need to avoid personal liability and properly manage risk.

Board Policy Manual Review: A Key Nonprofit Management Tool
  • On-demand
John Bradley

Please join John Bradley, attorney at law, as he describes a sample board policy manual framework and the policies which your nonprofit should consider adopting. Mr. Bradley will also offer suggestions relating to possible provisions that should be included in your key policies. Whether you already have a board policy manual in place or are only starting the process, you’ll benefit from the best practices which Mr. Bradley will describe.

Building an Exceptional Leadership Style: Maximizing Effective Leadership Abilities & Ensuring Your Nonprofit’s Success
  • On-demand
Lynn Ivey

Please join Lynn Ivey, nonprofit consultant, as she explores the essential differences between leading and managing your nonprofit, the importance of your leadership style in your organization’s overall success, and the impact you have on your staff. 

Bulletproof Board Governance: Creating the Most Productive Board Possible
  • On-demand
Dustin Johnson

Guidance through best practices for developing bulletproof board governance policies and procedures.

Effective Nonprofit Board Engagement: Best Practices, Strategies & Tools
  • On-demand
Darian Rodriguez Heyman

Please join Darian Rodriguez Heyman for this important guidance, which will include templates and clear frameworks for creating a Board Matrix, a powerful tool to help build consensus around recruitment and board expansion priorities. 

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