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Federal Grant Compliance for Executive Directors
  • Tuesday, January 21
  • Webinar
Rex Porter

Please join Rex Porter, CEO of Porter Group LLC, for this detailed session covering key aspects of understanding and applying federal grant compliance practices under 2 CFR 200. Mr. Porter will provide hands-on, useful insights and recommendations for nonprofit executive directors and other leaders in understanding and applying this critically important topic. These detailed compliance topics are found in few other webinars or without attending days of training.

How to Make Your Nonprofit More Efficient
  • Wednesday, January 22
  • Webinar
Chris Martinez

In this time of shrinking resources, impact investing, “informed” donors and talk of recession, we all need strategies to further our mission with a lean, focused approach to our work. There are systems and success stories that can be relied upon. Please join Chris Martinez as he addresses how to manage expectations, identify where to be more efficient, honor mission and goals and build both a system and consensus around the endeavor.

Volunteers Working for Nonprofits: Understanding the Legal Risks
  • Tuesday, January 28
  • Webinar
Robert Gregg

Please join Bob Gregg, attorney at law, as he goes step-by-step through the requirements that govern nonprofit use of volunteers.

Indirect Cost Rates and Cost Allocation: Best Practices Under New 2 CFR 200 Rules
  • Tuesday, February 11
  • Webinar
Rex Porter

This webinar will provide a clear explanation of key 2 CFR 200 indirect cost rates and cost allocation requirements as well as insight and guidance found in few other places. The result: Mastery of the changes affecting the very core of some of your nonprofit’s long-term strategies and day-to-day operations.

Lobbying And Political Activity By Nonprofits: How To Further Your Mission Without Risking Your Tax-Exempt Status
  • Tuesday, February 25
  • Webinar
Zachary S. Kester

In this timely and practical webinar, leading nonprofit tax attorney Zachary S. Kester will give you the tools, and best practices so you can confidently advocate for your organization’s mission without jeopardizing your tax-exempt status.

Hot Topics for Today’s Nonprofit Leaders: Avoid the Pitfalls and Stay Compliant
  • On-demand
Sally Wagenmaker

A smorgasbord of legal tips covering cybersecurity and data privacy, fundraising legal compliance, sales tax changes, creative collaboration and other transitional changes, political involvement, and related nonprofit governance aspects including how to address conflicts of interest.

Subrecipient vs. Vendors: Distinctions, Roles and Responsibilities Under the Uniform Guidance
  • On-demand
Rex L. Porter

Explore the requirements set forth for all phases of the subaward process, and provides strategies for setting up meaningful systems and relationships.

The New Not-for-Profit Entities Reporting: Areas Affected by the New Standard & Changes Which Can Be Adopted Early
  • On-demand
Diane E. Edelstein

Learn the new requirements for the Presentation of Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Entities.

The Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards: An Important Part of Preparing for Your Single Audit
  • On-demand
Diane E. Edelstein

Guidance on how to complete your SEFA in order to smooth your Single Audit and to make sure you are in compliance with all of the Uniform Guidance requirements.

Basic Nonprofit Trademark and Copyright Registrations: Understand What Content to Trademark and Copyright, the Basic Registration Process, and if You Need Outside Legal Counsel
  • On-demand
Sandra Pfau Englund

Please join Sandra Pfau Englund, respected nonprofit attorney, as she walks through the basic steps to register and protect your organization’s intellectual property—a valued nonprofit asset that should not be taken for granted.

Can a Nonprofit Give Gifts and Make Contributions Without Jeopardizing Its Own Tax-Exempt Status?: Guidance for Understanding the Rules
  • On-demand
John Bradley

Please join John Bradley, attorney at law, whose many years of nonprofit experience, will offer guidance for understanding the potential risks and liabilities arising out of the making of donations and giving of gifts by your nonprofit and offer guidance your nonprofit can use to help reduce these risks.

Changes to the Federal Tax Rules: Impact on Nonprofits and How to Respond
  • On-demand
Rex Porter

Please join Rex Porter as he provides practical and important explanations of federal tax rule changes and how they impact nonprofits. This webinar is your opportunity to identify key concerns, learn best practices under key changes of federal tax rules, and create a roadmap of the next steps you should be taking.

Effective Strategies for Assessing, Managing and Reducing Risks Associated with Volunteers
  • On-demand

Please join Lynn Ivey, nonprofit consultant, as she explores ways to incorporate risk management strategies into your daily volunteer management activities to ensure a safer environment for everyone involved. Whether your nonprofit already has a risk management plan in place or you are just beginning the process, you will discover information that enhances your understanding of the underlying issues and learn steps to take to limit your exposure.

Federal Interest for Nonprofits: Key Requirements for Property Acquired or Improved with Federal Funds
  • On-demand

Please join David Bender and Scott Sheffler of the law firm, Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell, LLP, as they discuss the federal government’s interest in real and personal property that grant and cooperative agreement recipients acquire or improve with federal funds. They will discuss what a “federal interest” is and how it is created, its importance to you as a nonprofit, and the legal and practical implications of federal interests in recipients’ property. Additionally, they will explain the related requirements under the Uniform Guidance pertaining to use and management of real and personal property, plus approaches to federal interest when real and personal property are offered by recipients to satisfy cost-sharing requirements.

Federal Nonprofit Grantee Self-Assessment Best Practices: How to Thrive Under the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200)
  • On-demand
Rex Porter

Please join Rex Porter as he helps you answer these questions and more through your own grantee self-assessment! He will provide practical and valuable explanations of federal grantee nonprofit self-assessment best practices under 2 CFR 200 plus a needed roadmap for awareness of key risks and methods for future compliance.

Fiscal Sponsorship: Benefits, Risks and Essential Guidance for Nonprofits
  • On-demand

Please join Erin Bradrick as she discusses the basics of fiscal sponsorship and some of the most common models that are used.

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