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Grant Writing 101: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Find, Apply for and Secure Any Grant
  • Tuesday, September 24
  • Webinar
Darian Rodriguez Heyman

Please join seasoned presenter Darian Rodriguez Heyman as he demystifies grant writing and answers your individual questions and concerns while he’s at it. After this dynamic forum, you will be in a better position to generate better results with foundation and federal grants, and learn things that will help your overarching fundraising efforts. 

Nonprofit Life Cycle: Action Plan to Get to the Next Level & Grow Your Organization
  • Wednesday, September 25
  • Webinar
Andie McConnell

Understand the nonprofit cycle and how to use your position to get to the next level and grow

Event Planning Legal Considerations: Understanding & Reducing the Risks for Nonprofits
  • Tuesday, October 1
  • Webinar
Casey Summar

Learn how to reduce the legal risks that unavoidably go along with organizing and holding a nonprofit event.

Grant Writing 201: Advanced Strategies for Enhancing Your Competitiveness and Success
  • Tuesday, October 15
  • Webinar
Lynn Ivey

Learn advanced grant writing topics including matching your needs to the funders’ purpose, writing with the grant evaluator in mind, and developing clear, professional, supported and competitive proposals. By understanding how to make your proposal more compelling and appealing to funders, you will maximize your grant worthiness and win more grants.

Corporate Partnerships: How to Identify, Secure and Nurture Them
  • Tuesday, October 22
  • Webinar
Chris Martinez

Please join Chris Martinez as he defines and simplifies how nonprofits should be approaching corporate relationships. Not only will you learn how to articulate what your organization can bring to a corporate partner, but you will also understand how to define needs and expectations of the partnership itself. From this webinar you will know how to construct a corporate development plan, build a case for partnership, propose a pilot, measure what matters, and provide proof of performance.

Raffles, Co-Ventures, Crowdfunding & Beyond: Legal Issues with Common Fundraising Methods
  • Wednesday, October 23
  • Webinar
Elizabeth Reinhardt; Christopher Leigh-Manuell

The session will start with the fundamental legal underpinning of charitable fundraising -- the donation being kept in trust -- to help nonprofits understand the ramifications of their fundraising. It will then give an overview of the regulations on registration with state Attorneys General, raffles, co-ventures, fundraising professionals, and crowdfunding to help nonprofit board and management make informed decisions when strategizing development.

How to Transform Board Members into Better Ambassadors & Resource Raisers
  • Thursday, October 24
  • Webinar
Lynn Ivey

Learn effective ways to manage this transformation process starting with recruiting new board members and equipping the board for success. Find a range of options to adapt to your nonprofit’s needs that will deliver results that will strengthen your program.

Social Impact Investing: Opportunities and Risks for Nonprofits
  • Wednesday, October 30
  • Webinar
Janet Rickerhauser

Please join Attorney Janet Rickerhauser as she offers a practical, nuts-and-bolts guide to the main forms of impact investing available to nonprofits today, providing attendees with a concrete framework for evaluating and pursuing impact investing opportunities. For each approach, the webinar highlights the main components of the opportunity, such as the potential advantages to the nonprofit, the type of legal structure involved, and the agreement or other legal documentation required, as well as the legal risks involved.

Prospect Research for Smaller Nonprofits: How to Get More with Less
  • Thursday, October 31
  • Webinar
Maryrose Larkin

Learn about the tools and strategies for discovering important information about foundation, corporation, and individual donors, gain insight and strategies for organizing and storing this information, and discuss the uses of prospect research in campaigns, major giving, and annual fund giving.

Targeting and Retaining Better, Long-Lasting Donors
  • On-demand
Tom Morley

Strategies for building lasting, rewarding relationships with individual supporters that will consistently sustain your nonprofit.

The Fundraising Audit: Looking Under the Hood of Your Fundraising Program
  • On-demand
Leah Eustace

Learn how to perform an audit of your fundraising program.

The Pathway to Major Gifts: How to Find, Track and Land BIG Donation Dollars
  • On-demand
Linda Lysakowski

Learn what you need to build your major gifts program

Understanding What's Wrong with Your Fundraising: Conducting a Self-Audit to Fix What's Hurting
  • On-demand
Linda Lysakowski

Maximize your nonprofit's potential with funding sources by learning how to conduct a self-audit.

Integrating Financial Management and Fundraising: Creating a Single-Minded Function to Ensure Sustainability
  • On-demand
David Sayers and John Curtis

Please join David Sayers and John Curtis as they outline the benefits of an integrated financial team, and address such challenges and opportunities as developing a capital reserve fund for program expansion or deferred maintenance; explaining the CFO’s role in raising major gifts and the CDO’s role in financial management; and demystifying how to increase giving from key stakeholders. This will be a short-shot, high-impact, fast-paced and intensive session appropriate for anyone responsible for attracting of and the stewardship over the institution’s financial resources.

Developing a Comprehensive and Compelling Major Donor Program
  • On-demand
Dustin Johnson

Please join Dustin Johnson for a session that, through the creation of a robust major donor program, helps you create a “culture of philanthropy” in your organization. Whether it’s a new nonprofit, a nonprofit that is new to fundraising, or an organization that’s losing touch between the program and administrative staff and your development/fundraising efforts, this session will provide strategies for creating donor-centered staff members that are ambassadors for your work in the community. By the time you leave this session, you should only need to import your information and put the finishing touches on your comprehensive major donor plan!

Effective Foundation & Government Fundraising: How to Identify Prospects, Get in the Door, Secure Invitations to Apply, and Write Killer Proposals
  • On-demand
Darian Rodriguez Heyman

Please join our seasoned presenter, Darian Rodriguez Heyman, as he demystifies grant funding and shares the tips and tools needed to maximize results, and do so in less time than you’re likely spending on this strategy today.

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